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The Southwest Regional Technological Institute (RTI) consolidates itself as a key agent for the promotion of territorial development, by creating technology transfer networks in a wide and diverse region, which concentrates different key productive areas for the development of the country. It contributes to the development of technology and human talent in strategic fields such as food, information technology, industry, logistics, health and culture, generating knowledge, adding value through applied research and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Located in the Department of Colonia, the venue is situated in the former “Rosario de ANCAP” distillery. Surrounded by a natural environment, it has a series of laboratories for microbiology and physicochemical analysis, research and innovation, which are equipped with the same technology as the world's leading laboratories and dairy industries. In addition, it has a computer room, sensory evaluation rooms and a Pilot Plant belonging to the Food Technology Innovation Unit.

UTEC’s venue, located in Colonia, is the renowned Higher School of Dairy of CETP/UTU. The facilities, surrounded by nature, have a milking machine with capacity for 12 cows, adequate technology for data management of dairy herds and a concept of circular economy for the management of effluents. In addition, the premises allow for the accommodation of students.

UTEC is located in the facilities of the Paysandú Technological Hub - former ANCAP facilities – which are shared with CETP/UTU. It has laboratories with technology updated to the standards demanded by the industry, including laboratories for microbiology, physicochemical and wastewater analysis and research, and equipment such as HPLC and mass spectrometers, among others. The university is also located in the Paylana area, which has state-of-the-art laboratories, pilot plants and a configurable unit process plant, where food manufacturing processes can be simulated. In addition, UTEC offers classes at the Paysandú Innova Facilities and the venues of the Higher Technological Institute (ITS in Spanish), shared with CETP/UTU and UdelaR.

The institute, located in Barrio Anglo, has Electronics, Mechatronics, Biomedical and Chemistry laboratories, an IT room, a 3.0 classroom, a logistics center and an Open Innovation Laboratory (LabA). In addition, it has a space for recreation and integration, a cafeteria and a large terrace overlooking the river.

It is located in the so called “capital of Jazz”, in the Department of Soriano. Classes are held in a building donated by the Association of Musicians of Soriano (AMDESO), which allows UTEC to support cultural development in the community. The institute has five classrooms, four of which are soundproof allowing for their simultaneous use, and a patio. In addition, a music technology laboratory is under construction.

UTEC 2022: more careers offered in hybrid mode and presence in Cerro Largo and Lavalleja

UTEC 2022: more careers offered in hybrid mode and presence in Cerro Largo and Lavalleja

The first online pre-registration period will be open at until December 24, inclusive. In 2022 UTEC will offer five courses in a blended mode and will land in...

Edible eucalyptus mushrooms: research began to learn more about this food and design new production processes

Edible eucalyptus mushrooms: research began to learn more about this food and design new production processes

The second episode of the #rutaUTEC podcast is about a work of the Bachelor's Degree in Food Analysis that began with the support of Montes del Plata.

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UTEC Venues

Cno. Alejandro Malcom S/N (ex destilería Rosario)

La Paz

(+598) 2603 8832, int. 400

Ruta 52 km.123.500

Nueva Helvecia

(+598) 2603 8832 int. 300 (+598) 4554 4587


Barrio Anglo, padrón 3716 Ruta panorámica entre Augusto Hoffman y Zabala

Fray Bentos

(+598) 4562 4732

Artigas 223 CP 75000