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This career graduate will incorporates specific skills and abilities that allow the student to act professionally in the field of Business Logistics and Multimodal Logistics, that is to say, to be Engineers with the ability to diagnose the logistics of a supply chain or a supply chain company with a focus on demand, and to be capable of implementing projects that lead to the optimization of logistics by making it more efficient, effective and economical, within a framework of sustainability and according to defined strategies. The multimodal approach allows for an integrative vision of the companies with the region and the world, by knowing the advantages of using cargo terminals for all types of transport, outsourcing activities and management of strengths, with the aim of reaching agreements in order to increase the value generated by all the participants in the commercial chain. 

With intermediate exit at the end of the third year (Technologist in Logistics).

  • High school graduates from the Secondary Education Council (CES) from the following tracks (or equivalent plans):
    Mathematics and Deign
    Biological and Agricultural Sciences
    Social – Humanistic
    Art and Expression

  • Technical High School graduates from the Technical and Professional Education Council (CETP- UTU). Students of the Logistics Technician degree from CETP-UTU (check the homologation plan)

  • Other education backgrounds not mentioned above will be analyzed by the Degree Coordinator, as established in article 5 of the General Studies Regulations.

Uruguayan and Brazilian citizens who present the documents established below and are in any of the following situations may register:

Uruguayan citizens with a complete High School Education (EMS) completed in Uruguay, who meet the requirements stipulated for each degree - as published on the website - may apply. They must present the following documents:

  • Identity Card
  • Course Completion Certificate from CETP/UTU or Formula 69A from CES
  • Valid health certificate or proof that the procedure to obtain it is underway
  • Other specifications set forth by each degree

Brazilian citizens graduated from Binational Courses who completed EMS and who present the following documents may apply:

  • High School course completion certificate (Certificado conclusão do Ensino Médio)
  • Binational degree or proof that the procedure to obtain it is underway
  • Identity Card (Registro Geral – RG); and Special Border Document or proof that the procedure to obtain it is underway.

Students from the Elective Initial Cycle in Science and Technology from the University of the Republic, Northern Cenur, with at least 50 earned credits will be able to pre-enroll to UTEC, even if they have not taken the Higher Secondary Education track required by the degree they are applying to.

Graduates from this degree will be competent to:

  • Design, implement and manage supply chains focused on demand and uncertain environments, in accordance with the main objectives of the company.
  • Develop applied research projects and projects to innovate in new products or services, as well as studies on supply and demand related to the logistics activity.
  • Management of logistics improvement and innovation projects according to the diagnosis of different areas (Supply chain or a public-private Logistics Activity Area), which result in factors that improve competitiveness.
  • Management of the supply chain and processes of production, storage, transport, distribution and reverse logistics, in contexts of financial restriction, in an effective and efficient manner, within a framework of occupational safety and care for the environment, and with professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • Management of Logistic Centers in accordance with quality systems (KPI y CMI) and information demands from the management systems, applying good practices in national and international logistics.

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“Las cadenas se están reestructurando para atender la cultura de la inmediatez”

“Las cadenas se están reestructurando para atender la cultura de la inmediatez”

Marco Guimaraens, docente de Ingeniería en Logística de UTEC desde los inicios de la carrera en Rivera cierra una etapa profesional y reflexiona sobre los desafíos futuros de la l...

The 20 legal and regulatory instruments to promote the Rivera-Livramento Logistics Hub

The 20 legal and regulatory instruments to promote the Rivera-Livramento Logistics Hub

UTEC Logistics Engineering professors, at the request of the Rivera Municipality and with OPP funding, investigated the regulatory framework for the development of the hub.


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