We are UTEC

We are a public university with a technological profile, focused on research and innovation. We are committed to the strategic guidelines of the country and our goal is to make access to undergraduate education more equitable, particularly in the interior of the country. We foster the collective construction of knowledge and the connection with the productive sector to promote the social, economic and technological development of Uruguay.

UTEC Model

We propose a flexible educational model that is open to the world. Our academic offer responds to the needs identified in the different regions of the country.

Our academic programs seek to develop skills and competencies that promote innovation, an entrepreneurial attitude, creativity and the ability to work as a team. We encourage our students to build unique learning pathways through activities that strengthen the essential skills for their professional performance.



To educate, develop and train professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators of excellence in the interior of the country, to generate, transform and transfer knowledge that fosters the technological, economic and social development of Uruguay.



To be a public technological university recognized nationally and internationally for its commitment to equal opportunities, its innovative educational offer that educates people with a professional, creative and entrepreneurial profile in strategic areas, and its research, highly linked to the environment, which contributes to the sustainable and inclusive development of the country


  • Academic excellence
  • Equity in access to educational opportunities
  • Networking
  • Recognition of multiple competencies
  • Flexibility
  • Certified Quality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Commitment with social and productive development

The Regional Technological Institutes (RTIs) are the expression of our University in the territory. Their location in different parts of the interior of the country responds to the educational needs found in the different regions.

These three educational hubs administer the activities in the region and engage in dialog with the community through their articulating role and as agents of territorial development.

The following map shows the location and regions encompassed by each RTI, in addition to the location of each educational center.

According to the Strategic Plan for 2021-2025, the new East Regional Institute will be created, which will comprise the departments of Treinta y Tres, Lavalleja, Rocha and Maldonado.