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The Northern Regional Technological Institute (RTI) is committed to becoming a reference center in the region in training and research in the area of ​​Industry 4.0. In response to the demands of the productive sector, it offers degree courses related to Logistics, Industrial Mechatronics and Systems, and a postgraduate degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Another of its characteristics is bi-nationality: since its inception, UTEC’s northern institute has forged a strong integration with higher education institutions in southern Brazil. Currently, three of its four majors are binational.

The institute is located in the Rivera Higher Education Pole where it shares territory with UdelaR, CETP/UTU and the CFE. It has a Logistics laboratory classroom, and laboratories of Physics and Materials Science, Electro-electronics, Control and Automation, Computer Science, and a Mechanics workshop. In addition, it has a terrace to enjoy the sunsets and a virtual library space next to the canteen. The new annex will also provide a cowork area and a digital manufacturing laboratory.

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“Las cadenas se están reestructurando para atender la cultura de la inmediatez”

“Las cadenas se están reestructurando para atender la cultura de la inmediatez”

Marco Guimaraens, docente de Ingeniería en Logística de UTEC desde los inicios de la carrera en Rivera cierra una etapa profesional y reflexiona sobre los desafíos futuros de la l...

Artificial intelligence in the field:

Artificial intelligence in the field: "The horizon is vast" and it is still "not exploited" enough

Los ataques a rebaños de ovejas por parte de perros salvajes o pumas, frecuentes en Alemania y el sur de Argentina, están siendo evitados con la aplicación de inteligencia artific...

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