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The Postgraduate Degree in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (PRIA) is a professional and advanced specialization program, focused on current issues related to robotics and artificial intelligence, within the context of their different areas of professional activity. In addition to technical training, the course also includes a human side, taking into account the ethical and social requirements that emerge from the application of these technologies in society.

This course is the result of a cooperation agreement between the Technological University - UTEC (Uruguay) and the Federal University of Rio Grande - FURG (Brazil).

The student who successfully completes the course will receive the degree of Specialist in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, in accordance with the current regulations of both universities, FURG and UTEC.

Applicants who live or work in Uruguay or Brazil and have an academic degree can register for the program. In the case of vacancies selected by UTEC, those who certify the following degrees can also participate: Technological Engineers (CETP-UTU), Science teachers (CFE/ANEP) and Technologists. In the case of the vacancies selected by FURG, preference will be given to technologists or graduates in the areas of Science and Engineering. In all cases, they must have an interest in the area and proven basic knowledge in programming.

30 places will be offered, 15 for Uruguayan students and 15 for Brazilian students.

Professionals who can integrate the knowledge of the specialization in robotics and artificial intelligence (PRIA) in their different areas of performance, taking into account the possible ethical implications and social impact.

Graduates of this course will be competent to:

  • Develop processes and projects related to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, including topics related to areas of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things.
  • Evaluate the social impact and possible ethical overflows that the use of these technologies can cause in society.
  • Act specifically on the areas of machine learning, manipulator robotics, robotics operating system (ROS), computer vision, internet of things, Industries 4.0, and educational robotics.
  • Incorporate the contents of the course in a creative, entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary manner to their areas of professional activity.



Progressive return to face-to-face activities

Progressive return to face-to-face activities

As of August 2, 2021, face-to-face activities will be progressively resumed at UTEC. The implementation of the recommendations will be in charge of the directorates of each Region...

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