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The Human Movement Analysis Laboratory has equipment for biometric studies of the patient and/or athlete that provides data on postural and gait problems, load alterations and muscular deficiencies that cannot be measured by conventional visual analysis. Functional assessment is a key tool for quantitative and objective knowledge of physical and biomechanical conditions.

It represents an advanced assessment model that can work in different correlated fields (sports, clinical, social, research) and is aimed at healthy people, who wish to maintain or increase their level of health and physical condition; at people with risk factors interested in a preventive action program; and at people with already manifest diseases.

All signals are synchronized and allow the physician a simultaneous, real-time assessment of how the patient moves his joints, how he uses his muscles and how forces are distributed over the surface during the gait cycle. The same experimental paradigm is applied to other motor gestures of interest.

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Human Movement Laboratory

The laboratory has a system developed with state-of-the-art technology and programs that are applied in various fields of activity. The equipment allows a complete examination of the patient in less than two hours, including: spatiotemporal parameters, variations of joint angles, reaction forces in contact with the ground, power moments of the joints, synthetic indexes such as GDI (Gait Deviation Index), electromyography signals and video recording.

This unit offers the following services:

At the clinic:

- Identification of the level of disability.

- Assessment of the actual etiology of the gait disability.

- Understanding of the gait deviation scheme.

- Clinical decision making.

- Effectiveness of interventions.

In sport:

- Improving the performance of athletes.

- Planning of individual training programs.

- Identification and correction of deficiencies in athletic preparation.

- Identification of new sports talents.

- Reduction of the risk of sports injuries.

Responsable técnico:
Carlos Díaz Novo
Carlos Díaz Novo


Juan Beret
Juan Beret


Manuel Cuadra Sanz
Manuel Cuadra Sanz



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