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Learn Spanish in Uruguay

Travel to Uruguay and explore our Spanish language course. Following an immersive and non-structured approach to language learning you will discover different Uruguayan cities mixing colonial history, wonderful beaches, outdoor activities and a vibrant cultural scene.

This program is divided into three main components:

Spanish everywhere
Courses with a strong emphasis on the practical use of the Spanish language. Specific focus on acquiring the language as a social instrument. Rather than spending time in a classroom, each morning you will have a Spanish session in a different place; from co-work and laboratories to museums and parks.

Intercultural Communication
Meet different students, both local and international, to practice your Spanish. Foster your speaking skills through purposeful interaction with other Spanish and English language learners.

Culture and Recreation
In the land of steak and mate, wine and candombe music, museums and soccer, there are endless opportunities to mingle with the locals and learn more about their culture and language. This program will provide you with guided visits to restaurants, natural parks, historical landmarks, and even nightclubs.

MONTEVIDEO – Walking around Montevideo is a tour around the past and present of the country. From the Old City colonial style area to the modern business areas, Montevideo has always something to offer. Learn about local food, carnival, tango and milonga on some of the tours that will be available.

Sports fan? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy a soccer or basketball match in Uruguay’s landmark stadiums or have a soccer clinic with a coach. You can also enjoy Montevideo’s 15-mile promenade to go for a walk, ride your bike or chill on the sandy beaches.

You can’t leave Uruguay without trying our Mate. Thousands of Uruguayans enjoy this ancient drink all day long. Attend our mate workshop and become a legendary mate brewer.

FRAY BENTOS – A small town with a lot of history. Fray Bentos’ Barrio Anglo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is home to one of UTEC´s main campuses. Conceived as a river city, Fray Bentos became famous for its emblematic beef production plant which thrived during the first half of the 20th Century. You can still find the remains of the old factory among the new high-tech laboratories and organizations which are now housed there.

Fray Bentos is also famous for its availability of water sports activities. Enjoy a rowing lesson or try other sailing activities during our workshops taught by locals.

PUNTA DEL ESTE – Located in the Southeast of Uruguay, Punta del Este is the most popular tourist destination. White sand, gorgeous beaches, and much glamour make Punta del Este a favorite among tourists.

After enjoying the nightlife in Punta del Este, you can engage in optional projects to engage in sustainability projects with local school children or NGOs. If you prefer to spend time on your own, the program can organize a visit to Cabo Polonio, a small paradise famous for its beach and the fact that locals do not have electricity or running water. Locals can help you spend a night in Cabo Polonio and be in close contact with this paradise.

UTEC does not offer lodging except for accommodation during special activities outside Montevideo. We can offer assistance in finding the best type of accommodation to suit your needs. From hotels to short-term apartment rentals to hostels and family accomodation.

This program is offered in November/December or June/July. The number of workshops, cultural activities, and Spanish language lessons can be tailored to the needs of participants in each group.

Suggested program length is two weeks but it can be adapted to longer periods of time.

If you are interested in organizing a trip to Uruguay, please contact:

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