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The design of learning environments is a growing field that uses different pedagogical components, methodologies and technologies to generate elements that enhance the educational process. Integrating pedagogical theories, instructional design models and technological tools, the design of learning experiences that maximize organization resources and the academic achievements of the students is promoted. This postgraduate diploma seeks to train professionals capable of designing specific solutions to the educational challenges posed by technological change and the needs of new formats and contexts for the development of learning.

  • Graduates from tertiary and/or university degrees in any field of study.
  • Experts in the areas of academic, professional and/or continuous education.
  • Having prior experience in education/training areas is recommended.

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In the interview, the characteristics of the program will be reviewed to provide more information and answer questions.

Cost: $ 29.500 (twenty-nine thousand five hundred Uruguayan pesos)

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Professionals trained in the design of learning environments will be capable of: 

  • Encourage the design of continuous learning environments and experiences adapted to the current needs of organizations.
  • Promote the effective implementation of emerging technologies for education and training.
  • Provide tools for the identification of problematic situations that require personalized solutions.
  • Develop assessment skills for continuous improvement of people-centered training/educational experiences.

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Ezequiel Alemán
Ezequiel Alemán
Ezequiel Alemán
Ezequiel Alemán
Laura Romiti
Laura Romiti
Pryce Davis
Pryce Davis



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